Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing


Since 2002 Zephoria has been helping brands of all sizes from Fortune 500 brands to emerging growth companies.  A critical part of that success is being able to understand our client's unique situation and challenges and then apply best of breed solutions that can be uniquely applied for our clients.  In some cases, we're spending time to analyze our client's competitors so that we can understand what is working for their competitor and how that might be able to be applied to our clients.  The first part of this process is the initial consultation where we get to know each other and identify specifically how we might be able to help.

This initial discussion usually lasts around 15 minutes and typically will involve us learning more about what is important to you and your company, the competitors you want us to evaluate, and any other information you may want us to gather.   All we need to do is get your basic details so we can schedule our first discussion.  Our decade plus experience has shown that this process will produce at least one vital takeaway that you can use moving forward.

We look forward to hearing from you so we can schedule our first discussion.

Typical elements of this competitive assessment:

  • How are our competitors doing in Google Search?  Are they preparing for mobile?  Are there any indicators of where your competitors are focusing? 
  • What are our competitors doing that is effective and how can you benefit from their strategy?
  • What is the competition doing in social media that seems to be the most effective?
  • What concrete strategies can be learn from our competitors to help us be more effective?

You can also call Dan Noyes at 585-230-9565 to get the process started today.

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